Dear guests,

We are very happy that the regulation of the doors of our hotel, schloss-spa, restaurant and terrace are again for you.


We are expanding our hotel complex for you!

During the week between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.,
the calm can be impaired. We ask for your understanding.

Please note our special opening times.

We ask everyone to abide by the Corona rules. Info at:

Face mask when entering our property, keep 1.5m distance, wash hands.

We look forward to a reunion!

Your team from the Hotel Schloss Leitheim



Visits to Castle Leitheim



Guided visits to the Rococo Castle "Schloss Leitheim"


Castle Leitheim, which otherwise only can be viewed during events such as the "Leitheim Summer concerts", will open it's doors during the summer to culture Lovers on certain dates.


Please be advised, that it can only be visited with a guided tour and is not accessible for visitors with mobility problems. Dogs and other animals except guide dogs are not allowed to the museum.




Dates 2020:


Date:                                       Time:                                 Specifics: 


03. Mai 2020                            11:00 Uhr                           Cancelled
17. Mai 2020                            11:00 Uhr                           Cancelled (Renovations)

14. Juni 2020                           11:00 am                            Cancelled
16. August 2020                      11:00 am                            Familienführung in den Ferien

30. August 2020                      11:00 am
13. September 2020                11:00 am                          Tag des offenen Denkmals
27. September 2020                11:00 am  

11. Oktober 2020                    11:00 am


Entrance Fees: 5 Euro for adults, 3 Euro for children (up to 18 years)



Please kindly reserve your visit  info(at) or +49 (0)9097 - 485 98-0.