Relaxing on the castle terrace

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoy a relaxing time in our terrace café. In addition to a breathtaking view, there are delicious cakes, specialty coffees and refreshing drinks.

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Ayurvedic Treatments and Massages


Our qualified beauty specialist and ayurveda treatment therapist Ulrike Bauch will advise you competently on a whole variety of Ayurveda treatments and massages. We use products of Lunasol, San Vino and Charlotte Meenzen as well as natural oils of highest quality.


Please book your treatments at least two weeks before your stay. Our staff will be pleased to help you.


Ayurveda - a long life in health and wellbeing


Abhyanga: The epitome of enjoyable relaxation. Performed with warm herbal oils, the full body massage is one of the most beneficial and most effective treatments of  Ayurvedic massages. The oil is gently massaged, you feel comfortable and fall into a deep relaxation. Marma points are stimulated, the energy pathways of the body again consistently and Ama (toxins) can flow. A most effective treatment, followed by sauna and a short rest.


75 min.  100, - €
90 min.  119, - €

Mukabhyanga Ayurvedic facial massage with rose oil and breast oil pouring. Deeply relaxing massage with acupressure on energy points in face, shoulder, neck and back. Helps to let go of thoughts and worries. A gentle facial scrub and a nourishing mask provide velvety skin.

50 min.    75, - €

Padabhyanga Ayurvedic foot and leg massage with special oils and balsamic substances. The wash and massage with sumptous oils  of the feet and legs offer the opportunity to immerse yourself fully into the here and now, let go of thoughts and fall into particularly deep relaxation.

50 min.    75, - €

Ayurveda time After a brief consultation during a soothing foot bath, you choose together with your therapist the best treatment for you. Individually tailored to your requirements for an enjoyable Ayurveda time - just for you.

60 min.   85, - €
80 min.  105, - €


Aroma Oil Massage Indulge yourself with the wonderful fragrant oils of your choice

Partial body 30 min.    45, - €
Full body     45 min.     60, - €

Hot stone massage This Indian massage with special rituals will lead to deep relaxation. The massage with warm oil and hot lava stones goes deep under the skin, detoxifies and makes life energies flow

Partial body  40 min.   55
, - €
Full body       70 min.   85, - €

San Vino body oil massage
  Finest cold-pressed grapeseed oil treats your skin like velvet & silk and wraps your body with a lovely fragrance during the massage.


30 min.   49, - €



Easyness for body and soul Start with a relaxing footbath, afterwards relax you muscles in our Sanotherm floating couch as preparation for a full body massage with fine fragrant oil individually chosen for you.

70min     83,- €

Back massage (for children up to 18 years) Gentle massage with chocolate / almond oil or fine fragrance oils of Lunasol provide relaxation and a short rest

20 min.   25, - €