Ayurvedic Treatments and Massages


Just take some time for yourself and hide the everyday life with pleasure: What could be better than a spa treatment? Embark on the experienced hands of Karen Biebrich and her team. As a non-medical practitioner, she also incorporates therapeutic background knowledge in her wellness treatments and takes care of you holistically.

Please book your treatments at least two weeks in advance. Our staff will be pleased to help you.


"Schloss"- Massage

Enjoy the rythmic delicate touch starting at the soles of your feet up to your neck. A unique mix of different elements which you can find in the classical massage, soft tissue and spinal back massage.
Choose your personal special oil either from Lunasol or other high quality sented oils that we use.

45 min. 65,- €  
60 min. 85,- €


The Breuss massage is a gentle, revitalising back massage, which releases emotional and physical tension while inducing the regeneration process of undernourished intervertebral discs.

30 min. 45,- €

Detox Massage

The detox massage improves the circulation of blood to the tissue and increases the metabolism as well as detoxifies the body. This includes a liver wrap. Please calculate enough resting afterwards.

50 min. 75,- €

"Schloss" massage for children up to 18 years old

Soft back massage, relaxation for our young guests. A small luxury time out with Lunasol products.

20 min. 30,- €

Head and Face Massage

Activation of energy pressure points, a soft head, shoulders and neck massage taking into consideration the flow of the lymph nodes.

30 min. 45,- €

Foot relexology and leg massage

Wash, Massage  and anointing the feet and legs

40 min. 55,- €



The Hot-Stone-massage speeds up metabolism, increases tissue oxygenation, melts possible energetic obstructions and causes vital energy (Qi) to flow liberally once again.

Inbedded in the Schloss Massage experience the warmth of the lava stones 60° which create relaxation and recovery.

45 min. 70,- €   
70 min. 95,- €



Whole body cosmetic lymph drainage

Soft stroking throughout the body followed by a stomach massage.
Relaxtion for body, soul and mind promoting health and well being.
Digestion, detoxification and simply feel good...

60 min. 85,- €

Ayurveda - a long life in health and wellbeing

Ayurveda Womans Massage „Samvahana“


The Samvahana baths every cell in our body. Love and caring. An oil massage that harmonises the nerve system and calms the mind.

Through gentle touching the immune system and sense of your self-worth is strengthend. Women are massaged by woman.

60 min. 95,- €
90 min. 125,- €

San Vino Body Oiling

San Vino body oil massage. Finest cold-pressed grapeseed oil treats your skin like velvet & silk and wraps your body with a lovely fragrance during the massage.

45 min. 75,- €