Dear guests,

We are very happy that the regulation of the doors of our hotel, schloss-spa, restaurant and terrace are again for you.


We are expanding our hotel complex for you!

During the week between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.,
the calm can be impaired. We ask for your understanding.

Please note our special opening times.

We ask everyone to abide by the Corona rules. Info at:

Face mask when entering our property, keep 1.5m distance, wash hands.

We look forward to a reunion!

Your team from the Hotel Schloss Leitheim





Just take some time for yourself and hide the everyday life with pleasure: What could be better than a spa treatment? Embark on the experienced hands of Karen Biebrich and her team. As a naturopath, she also incorporates therapeutic background knowledge in her wellness treatments and takes care of you holistically.

Please reserve via our reception (09097-485 980) as far as possible two weeks before your stay, so that we can secure your preferred date.



Castle massage


Enjoy the soothing touch from the soles of the feet to the neck area. A unique blend of elements of classic massage, connective tissue and spinal massage.

Choose according to your personal preference from the special, high-quality aroma oils of Lunasol or other proven and beneficial massage oils.


45 min. 65 euros

60 min. 85 euros



Breuss massage


An energetic-manual back massage for a gentle and sensitive treatment of the spine.


30 min. 45 euros


Detox Massage


Stimulate metabolism and detoxify. You will receive a stimulating connective tissue massage followed by a liver wrap. Please plan a subsequent rest period.


50 min. 75 euros



Castle massage for children and adolescents up to 18


Gentle back massage, relaxation for our young guests. A little break with the Lunasol fragrance oils.


20 min. 30 euro



Head and face massage


Acupressure of energy points, gentle head, shoulder and neck massage with consideration and stimulation of lymphatic drainage.


30 min. 45 euros


Foot reflexology and leg massage


Ablution, massage and anointing of the feet and legs.


40 min. 55 euros


Hot stone massage


Incorporated into the castle massage you experience additionally the soothing warmth of lava stones. The flowing movements with the approximately 60 degrees warm stones provide relaxation and recreation. A combination of massage, thermotherapy and energy work.


45 min. 70 euros

70 min. 95 euros


Cosmetic whole-body lymphatic drainage


Gentle strokes over the whole body with a final abdominal massage. Pure relaxation for body, mind and soul with health promoting effect as a positive side effect.


60 min. 85 euros


Ayurvedic treatments on request!