Congratulations to our kitchen crew for the renewed Michelin award of the Bib Gourmand 2019.

Paul Zinsmeister and his kitchen team will spoil you with a creative and a local menu.


We are looking forward to greeting you in our "Weingärtnerhaus".





Sanotherm Treatments

Experience pure wellness with our Sanotherm soft pack bed. Soothing essential oils and packs are applied to the body. You are then wrapped in the soft cover and float, comfortably and warm on the water bed, like in 7th Heaven. Massages with scented oils, each tailored to your needs, complete the spa experience.

Please make your reservation at least two weeks in advance of your hotel stay. Our staff will be pleased to help you.





Sanotherm Body Treatments

In our soft pack bed enjoy absolute weightlessness, feel warm and cuddly in total relaxation.

Your back and joints are relieved from tension.  Enjoy a face and neck or foot massage.

A good way to prepare for a full body massage or just activating your body and adding moisture to your cells. Give you skin an extra invigorating experience and enjoy an activating body peeling with red wine from the San Vino Company. Feel the difference as your skin and body tissue become toned up and regenerated.


Floating in the Sanotherm water bed

20 min. 25,- €


Floating in the Sanotherm water bed with music waves and a massage

25 min. 29,- €


San Vino Red wine pack

The red wine pack is made of pure grape seed oil, OPC, red wine gel and San Vino body lotion; it will be mixed in front of you. As you float, the body pack gets absorbed into the skin. Enjoy a fresh and cooling experience as this body pack assures full moisture boost to the skin and tones the body tissue at the same time.

30 min.  39,- €


San Vino red wine full body peeling

Exhilarating, activating, refining treatment. Experience perceptible skin improvement. After the San Vino welcome ritual, enjoy your body peeling: a good preparation for a combined San Vino red wine moisture body pack.

30 min.  39,- €


San Vino Special Body Treatment

Stimulating red wine body peeling, resting time in the Sanotherm, after relaxation, a full body massage with tender melting body balm made of grape seed oil and shea butter. Your skin will feel like silk and velvet enclosed from the heavenly smell of our products.

75 min.  82,- €



Additional to packs and peeling 

Music wave massage  6,- €

Face and neck massage  15,- €

Foot massage  15,- €


Individual combinations can be offered according to your needs and requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to develop your personal program.